Planning & Prep Work

Before diving into your paint bucket you’ll want to repair any siding, window sills, or window and door trim that is rotting. In any case you’ll want to prepare all surfaces for a fresh coat of paint by removing any old paint that is chipping or curling. Also consider what kind of paint is best for the type of surface that needs painting and the conditions your home’s exterior is exposed to. Painting the exterior of your home can be done anytime of the year, but summer is typically the best time because temperature and moisture conditions are usually best. Most paints can be applied at temperatures down to 40 degrees F (or lower for some paints) and should be applied onto a dry surface.


Make sure the colors you choose fit into your neighborhood and complement the colors on your home. For example, you probably don’t want to paint your house bright pink or yellow when the surrounding houses are all light pastels. Making your home stick out like that would make for some interesting conversation, but can make your home less desirable if it were put on the market. It’s also important to pick a color that blends well with your plants, landscaping, foundation, and driveway. If your planning to change the color, you may need to consider a primer or additional coats of paint to keep other colors from showing through or discoloring your new paint job.


Do you want your home’s exterior painted by hand (roller or brush) or sprayed? Our experience shows that if you apply plenty of evenly distributed paint to a substrate (building’s surface) it will look better and last longer. This can be accomplished most easily by spraying your homes exterior. Not only does a sprayer apply an even coat to your home, it also applies more paint than a brush can. Many coats of paint by a brush would have to be done to equal one coat from a sprayer. If you’ve ever painted with a brush, you’ve probably seen some streaking, where the paint is thicker in some strokes than others. It’s just really tough to apply paint evenly and efficiently with a brush or roller. Spraying your home’s exterior will most-often provide a better looking finish, the trick is to make sure your painter is good at using the sprayer!

The Eikmeier Residence is a traditional exterior job. Extra attention was given to the facia to help give the home a nice presence as you drive-by.